Educate: Class - Girl Shows!

 Class Overview:
  • Title: Girl Shows!
  • Presented by: Leslie Cunningham
  • Class Description: A look at the American carnival girl shows of the 20th century and a review of the book Girl Show by A.W. Stencell. Part of The Harlem in Havana Project: Burlesque Education Series.
  • Delivery Format: In-person and virtual presentation includes a 23min pre-recorded docu/storytelling video; 20+ minutes of discussion questions (3 total); 10+minute review/questions.
  • Audience: Global audience interested in American entertainment history, Women’s Studies, Black Life, Burlesque and Dance history.
  • Prerequisites: None
Class Objectives:
  • Learn about the American carnival Girl Shows of the 20th century.
  • Review of the book Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind by A.W. Stencell.
  • Meet some of the headliners and the Black girl shows that helped innovate Burlesque.

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The Harlem in Havana Burlesque Education Series: The Harlem in Havana Project:Burlesque Education Series features three hour-long classes covering American burlesque history from the traveling carnival stage. Presented by Leslie Cunningham, a documentary filmmaker and creator of the Harlem in Havana Project, these fun, passionate and energetic classes are filled with new and existing burlesque material, personal experiences, book reviews, film clips and much more. Learn more at (educate).
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