The Harlem in Havana Project is a multimedia documentary project honoring one of America's most successful traveling shows of the 20th century that significantly impacted Black and Latin entertainment in ways that still resonate with wonder today. 

Created by artist and documentarian Leslie Cunningham, this project will help to revive Harlem in Havana's rich entertainment history through a variety of thought-provoking content, including: 
Harlem in Havana was the place where the future heavyweights of entertainment birthed new music, dance and comedy. This documentary project provides an opportunity for a whole segment of artists and performances to tap into this history and enhance their current art forms. Back then it was a “colored” variety show with performance pieces, but today’s it’s an art form. This is where that history originated. 

The Harlem in Havana Project has cultural and social relevance because it teaches us more about African American and Afro-Cuban history and its mark on American culture. Ultimately, this project is a celebration of our multi-faceted past and a path for the descendants of African-Americans and Latinos to reflect, embrace, and liberate their own stories from historical amnesia. 

Produced by TRIBES entertainment 

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