Friday, November 18, 2022

The Harlem in Havana Project: Burlesque Education Series presents at BurlyCon 2022 (Seattle, WA)

The Harlem in Havana Project: Burlesque Education Series was featured at BurlyCon 2022 in Seattle, WA. Presented by Leslie Cunningham, the Burlesque Education Series features classes covering American burlesque history from the traveling carnival stage. These fun, passionate and energetic classes are filled with new and existing burlesque material, personal experiences, book reviews, film clips and much more. 

BurlyCon is offering the virtual class "My Grandma Was an Exotic Dancer?!" until December 2022. The class looks at early Black Burlesque through a glimpse into the lives of the Bates Sisters, three brown-skin showgirls who helped innovate exotic dance from the American carnival stage. Visit Virtual BurlyCon 2022


Leslie Cunningham director of Harlem in Havana
Presenter Leslie Cunningham

Visit Educate to learn more about the Harlem in Havana Burlesque Education Series.