Friday, April 17, 2020

The life and times of Leon Claxton

Leon Dunkins Claxton, Sr. 
Showman/Producer/Vaudeville Artist 

Leon D. Claxton Sr. (April 1902-November 1967) was an African American impresario, award-winning showman and vaudeville entertainer who found great success and infamy in the outdoor entertainment industry with his popular stage revues Harlem in Havana (1946–1960) and the Harlem Revue (1961-1967). 

One of America's first black entertainment moguls, Leon Claxton helped spread Black and Latin music and dance to mainstream audiences during the era of Jim Crow. star-maker who innovated musical theatre, Claxton grew a road show empire that would go on to influence the world of television, musical theatre and nightclub shows.  

Claxton reached the apex of his career with triumph of his Black and Cuban revue, Harlem in Havana, and went onto enjoy a good deal of wealth and social distinction, despite the odds against him as a self-made, black entrepreneur. 

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